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Management is Not the Decision-Making Team

While reading the post below, this caught my eye.  What do you think? Would this apply to libraries as in software development industry?

“The “management team” isn’t the “decision making” team. It’s a support function. You may want to call them administration instead of management, which will keep them from getting too big for their britches.

Administrators aren’t supposed to make the hard decisions. They don’t know enough. … … … ”

Excerpt from “The Management Team – Guest Post From Joel Spolsky”

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  1. T Scott says:

    Absolutely it applies. My job as library director is to push as much decision making as possible as far forward as possible so that the people responsible for doing the stuff are responsible for making the decisions about it. My job is to make sure the resources are in place, to set the general direction and tone, and to get the hell out of the way.