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October, 2011:

Digitizing current materials – notes (to be updated later)

Digitizing current materials

What if you want to proactively digitize relatively current materials of your institution?

– The opportunity to capture materials within the context and in communication with the contributors.

– Express digitization grant from the national network of libraries of medicine. 2010-2011


– scan or not scan?
Many variables to consider before making the items public because of the currency and the content of the materials
[ +33500 peocessed; 8000 scanned ]
– no institutional policy on copyright
– hard to form a complete collection
– hard to imagine use cases; too early to tell
– digital archiving / curation before the test of time.
– connecting the outcome to the institution itself

BENEFITS of proactive digitization

– library promotion
– certain context easily lost can be preserved
– materials previously unidentified or scattered are gathered together